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Martial arts/Brazilian JiuJitsu

Martial arts/Brazilian JiuJitsu

By on Nov 7, 2015 in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Martial Arts |

Martial arts also known as Fighting techniques are fighting skills that can provide your body with multiple benefits. Even though people mainly train this kind of sport just because they want to learn how to fight or defend themselves, there is a minority of practitioners who do this because of the spiritual dimension of martial art and its connection with religion, or because improvement of health.

Martial arts as a method for achieving spiritual growth – Indian monks needed to obtain a perfect physical condition so they could practice long term meditation and become spiritually strong, otherwise their physical health would be destroyed. Popular opinion is that techniques of striking, breaking, throwing all could be applied to human spirit and it helps practitioners to relieve themselves of the stress and pressure in the combat. Some people think that purpose of martial arts is confronting and overcoming the fear of death, which makes sense if you think about all of those attack, counter-attack and deflecting moves.

Martial arts are also great for your health both physical and mental. While training you use every muscle in your body, you can burn a large number of calories and lose weight, you can improve your cardiovascular health, reflexes as well as focus and stillness. Beside all of these benefits you could also improve your mood and be happy.

However self-defense is still main purpose for practicing martial arts. Everyday life has changed so much that now you could find yourself in many dangerous situations, muggings and attacks on the street are now almost a normal thing, so number of the people interested in learning martial arts is rising.373039-53610-54

Defensive martial art techniques are mandatory if you are aiming to be a police officer or a soldier. From an interview with one of the law enforcing officers, when asked which martial art should suit the police best, he replied ” Krav Maga ”. An all around martial art that prepares you from a chaotic street fight with no rules, to how to defend yourself against weapons such as knives.

One of the most convenient kind of martial arts for protecting yourself is Brazilian JiuJitsu, it originated from Kodokan Judo and it is a grappling full contact martial technique. Brazilian JiuJitsu is a type of activity suitable for anyone interested, because it promotes the idea that weaker man can defeat stronger attacker if he uses proper movements. Over 90% of street fights end up on the ground so Brazilian JiuJitsu is very convenient for these situations, of course if there is no more than one attacker, otherwise it is the worst possible thing you could do.

BJJ differ from other martial arts because it is mostly oriented to ground fighting in which practitioner tends to obtain dominant position and then to use submission moves such as joint locks which means isolating opponents limb, or a choke hold through which he can disrupt the blood flow and cause unconsciousness. While doing these moves practitioner must be very careful or he can easily break opponent’s bone or knock him out.


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